Bank Indonesia Finance Underwent Economic Crisis And Extremely Large Debt Costs In Indonesia

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Indicators About Indonesia's Finance Shrink

   The Financial Services Authority stated that the number of branch offices of commercial banks as of May 2016 has decreased due to internal consolidation.    Based on Banking Statistics Indonesia Financial Services Authority published on Tuesday (19/7/2016) as of May 2016, seen the number of branches of state banks in the country declined in the second quarter of this year. The decline in the number of offices has occurred since the beginning of the year.

Development of Bank Finance About Indonesia

   In the fifth month the number of branches of commercial banks was 32,771 units. This amount is lower than in January 2016, ie as many as 32,949 units. In detail, conventional banks of commercial banks (BUKU) 1 recorded the largest number of branch offices, both conventional commercial banks and sharia banks, totaling 194 units compared to January 2016.


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Percentage of Foreign Financial Loans to Indonesia

   While BOOK 3 recorded decreased the number of offices as much as 179 units. For the number of conventional commercial bank offices BOOK 2 has experienced a growth of 136 units and the sharia bank office of BOOK 2 decreased by 12 units, Meanwhile, for the BUKU 4 group recorded the largest number of offices, which were 15,283 units and increased by 71 units compared to the beginning of the year.

Foreign Debts Paid To Indonesia

   Earlier, OJK Banking Supervisory Chief Nelson Tampubolon said there were several banks that wanted to improve efficiency through a reduction in the number of branches, "It's more as an internal consolidation of the organization,"