Did You Know There Are Benefits Of Moringa Leaves For Health (Side Effects)

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What Are The Benefits Of Kelor Leaves?

   Maybe you've heard the proverb "the world is not as wide as the leaves of kelor", it's because the kelor leaf has a small size. Although small in size, Moringa leaves have many important benefits for the health of the body. In fact, scientists call it a magical tree (Miracle Tree). Moringa leaves are oval, and their small size is neatly arranged on a stalk, usually cooked as a vegetable for treatment.

Researchers Seeking The Benefits Of Moringa Leaves And Health Organizations Advocate Eating Kelor Leaves

   Research on the efficacy of Moringa leaves has been started since 1980, on the leaves, then bark, fruit and seeds. World Health Organization WHO recommends for children and infants in their infancy to consume them, because the benefits of large Moringa leaf content, which contains: - Potassium is three times that of bananas. - Calcium four times more than milk. - Vitamin C is seven times higher than oranges. - Vitamin A is four times more than carrots. - Double the protein than the milk.    The WHO organization that named the Moringa tree as the miracle tree, after discovering the important benefits of Moringa leaves.


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Kelor Leaves Useful To Eye Healthy

   Moringa leaves have a high content of vitamin A is very good for the eyes. Moringa leaf consumption is useful for eye organ always in a healthy and clear. Moringa leaves can be used in curing eye diseases, can be eaten directly (after the leaves are cleaned).    a herbal expert from the Karyasari Medicinal Plant Development Foundation, explains that Moringa leaves have many nutrients, one of which is vitamin A and calcium.    "The content of vitamin A in Moringa leaves is beneficial to protect eye health, whether it is from start to reduce the risk of eye plus, minus, cylinder and cataracts. Moringa leaf is also good if consumed by diabetic patients and useful to clear his eyes, ".

Kelor Leaves Also Useful To Slow down the effects of aging

   A study in 2014 published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology to test the benefits of moringa. Knowing about the value of valuable antioxidant enzymes, researchers want to investigate whether Moringa leaves can help slow the effects of aging, by utilizing natural herbal antioxidants, which are able to balance hormones naturally.    Studies involving ninety menopausal women between the ages of 45-60 years were divided into three groups, which were given various levels of supplements. The results showed that supplementation with moringa and spinach led to a significant increase in antioxidant compounds, which play an important role in slowing the effects of aging.