Exercise Tips to Increase Jumping Smash in Volley Ball Games

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How to practice jumping / jumping to smash in a game of volleyball?

   For those of you who love to play volleyball, surely have the desire to be able to jump / high jump. Especially for you who play in smasher position. In this position, it is recommended for people who have a high posture. It also must have strong leg muscles. A smasher must have good timings and punches, including in jumping which should also be high.    If all these things you have mastered well, I make sure your smash blows can be sharper and dive down so right on target. Because one of the factors that determine the winning of a team in a volleyball game lies in the smasher, so from that, I will give you some tips for training your jumping / playing in volleyball, especially for smash.

Factors in doing a jumping smash in a game of volleyball

   1. Prefix  When you jump, you should pay attention to the steps. Try to do 2 to 3 steps only. Do not run while.    2. Please  When you jump, do it right by turning your legs with all your might.    3. Timing smash  When you do repulsion, this is very important. When tosser do the bait, please pay attention properly. Try not to get the ball to the top of the head, but it must be in front of us. Try also the hands should be straight up, because then we can smash well.    4. Landing  When making a landing after a successful smash, keep your feet in a position to move, so as not to injury.


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Exercise Heating Muscle and Jump Sports Increase High Jump

   1. Heating (warming up)  Before you do the exercises, the first thing to do is warming up that is done dynamically and statically. That is the movement of body or other warming movement to avoid injury.    2. Run (sprint / regular)  Try to jog for about 20 minutes, or do a sprint run back and forth.    3. Jump up the stairs  You can jump up the stairs, that is by running on the stairs up and down as hard as you can. Try to be every day the intensity of the training is added.    4. Jump rope / odeng  Surely you know about jump using odeng. Do it every morning and afternoon on a regular basis. If you can not / get used to, do this exercise slowly.    5. Jump with tool  You can use tools such as tables, chairs, or other materials for practice. This serves to measure where your jump has arrived. If you can get past, you can add it with other tools to be higher. Or it can be done by jumping and legs are loaded so that when the load is off, in doing jumping will feel lighter.

Movements That You Can Use To Train Muscles When You Make Jumping Smash

   6. Movement run  Make a running motion such as kidang or position of angkling / engklek. This exercise works so that when you can smash by lifting one foot to deceive the enemy blockers.    7. Push up, set up, rangen, and full up  Do this routine every day because it works when you do repulsion and smash so that your hand strength increases.    8. Combination movement  Do a sprint or sprint sprint on the spot. When you do this move, go straight down like push up position. Do this movement 10 times. After push up, wake up to do the jumping motion with your hand up.