Stage Use Property For Performing Arts

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Performance knowledge

   The stage can also be called scenery or background scenery (Background) where play plays. The stage in the widespread sense is the atmosphere surrounding motion on the stage and all the visual elements or seen by the eyes surrounding the cast in staging. The stage in the sense of a limited technique is the object that forms a physical background and gives a movement environment boundary. With reference to the above definition can be drawn a sense that the stage is all the background and objects that are on stage to support a cast of play plays.

Stage Use and Benefit from the stage

   Physically the shape of the stage can be divided into three kinds, namely closed stage, open stage and train stage. closed stage consists of stage prosenium, portable stage and can also be an arena. While the stage is open or better known as open air stage and the form is also diverse.    The stage of the prosenium is a conventional stage that has a prosential space or a picture frame through which the audience watches the show. The relationship between the stage and the auditorium is separated or limited by the wall or the prosenium hole. While the sides or edges of the prosenium hole can be a curved line or a straight line that can be called a Proenium Arch (Proscenium Arch).


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Open Stage

   Open stage is actually born and made in an area or open space. Variations can be used to produce outdoor performances. Performances can be made on the veranda of the house, the terrace of a building with the audience in the yard, or it can be held in a sloping place where the audience is at the bottom of the venue. Open air stage which is quite popular in Indonesia, among others, is the open stage at Prambanan Temple.

Key Points of Stage Set Requirements

   Set stage or stage (scenery) is the visual appearance of the environment around the actors act in a play. For that in designing the stage should pay attention to aspects of the place of motion, strengthen the movement and dress or beautify the moves-behavior.